MCR09 PoE-Reader

  • General Information
    The MCR09P Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) reader is a very practical solution for all applications that need to be set up quickly and easily.

    To put the device into operation, only the PoE network cable must be connected. The power supply and data transfer take place via this connection. As a result, no second line (for power supply) is necessary, which saves a great deal of effort and costs.

    The PoE RFID reader can read and write standard ISO14443 & ISO15693 RFID tags (Multi-ISO). On request, other interfaces are possible in addition to the Ethernet interface, e.g. RS232, RS485, USB and BLE. A TCP / UDP socket or a web server connection can be established via the Ethernet interface. For example, you can connect the reader in your warehouse to the PoE network and automatically book incoming / outgoing goods by simply briefly showing the product with the RFID tag to the PoE reader. The long reading range of up to 20 cm makes handling easier for you. The read UID is made available to the cloud server directly via Ethernet. In other words, you can use it to implement state-of-the-art modern and digital KANBAN systems. It is also conceivable that your employees, who often work in the home office, connect the PoE reader at home and record the working hours with the existing RFID tag.

    The recorded bookings are made available directly to the cloud server. In other words, your employees have no longer to write down the working hours manually, and these working hours have no longer to be entered manually in the company later.


    - KANBAN systems
    - Home Office time recording
    - Authorization management systems for machines / equipment’s
    - Automatic registration of goods / products
    - Project time recording on the work machine
    - Payment Systems
    - Access Control etc.

  • Technical Specs.
    Contactless Interface
     MIFARE® ISO14443A & ISO15693
    CPUARM Cortex 32Bit CPU
    +48 VDC Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE)
    Globally Unique MAC Address
    TCP/IP Stack
    TCP/IP Client-Server Communication
    UDP Support
    DHCP or Static IP
    ICMP Ping Support
    Configuration with miFinder over the local network
    MemorySD 4GB
     FRAM 128KB
    Serial Ports 
     USB (optional)
     4 Digital Inputs
     2 Relay Outputs
    Operating VoltagePoE or 8-60V DC
    Operating Temperature-30 +85 C RH 80% NC
  • Dimensions