MCR08M RFID Terminal

  • General Information
    MCR08M RFID-Terminal is equipped with a state-of-the-art LTE Modem and capacitive touch display. Screen configurations can be defined in JSON files and updated/synchronized via http. Scanned RFID card UIDs will be sent to the server immediately and the terminal can retrieve display or buzzer commands.

    Application Areas

    - Time recording
    - Access control
    - Vending machines
    - Parkmeter
    - Turnstiles

  • Technical Specs.
    LCD4.3'' TFT
    TouchCapacitive Touch Panel, Indstrial Grade
    CPUARM Cortex 32Bit CPU
    RFID Reader
     MIFARE® ISO14443A
     Classic, Plus, NTAG and Ultralight Contactless Cards Read & Write
    Globally Unique MAC Address
    TCP/IP Stack
    TCP/IP Client-Server Communication
    UDP Support
    ICMP Ping Support
     FRAM 128KB
    Operating Temperature-20 +80 C RH 80% NC
  • Dimensions